Reflections on #DevLearn: Brenda Heilman on 10 Things Learned at DevLearn

Welcome to the Reflections on #DevLearn blog series, where we invite members of the eLearning Guild Community to share there thoughts on the DevLearn Conference and Expo, including what they learned and what they took away from the event.

HeadShot2Today we welcome Brenda Heilman, e-Learning Coordinator for the North Dakota Department of Human Services, as she shares 10 things she learned at DevLearn 2015.

NOTE: This blog was originally posted on LearnND and is republished here with permission of the author.

DevLearn 2015 took place last week in Las Vegas–WOW–it was fantastic! I described my experience as ‘fabulously exhausting’. Networking with new people, exploring new tools, and witnessing awesome samples of others’ work combined with all the learning opportunities made for a super productive week. Thank you @eLearningGuild!

So, in the spirit of sharing the learning, here’s 10 things I learned last week at #DevLearn:

10. If you’re bored designing the learning, learners will be bored taking it.


She’s real!

9. Atsumi really is REAL! @Articulate

8. The ‘scientific method’ is actually a deeply creative process. @donttrythis

7. Powerpoint is capable of crazy-cool stuff! Put it to good use (and I don’t mean by using bullet points). @kirbycrizzle

6. Inspiration can be found everywhere: movies, magazines, websites, brainstorming whiteboards and even post it notes. Johnny Hamilton and the MB 22 Morning Buzz crew

5. Art AND science are NOT beyond our understanding. @donttrythis

4. Good design makes us feel human. It feels effortless, looks credible, and solves a problem. @cammybean

3. @Articulate Storyline can generate a random number–without java script! @RonPrice @YukonLearning

2. Be intentional in your design–even if you’re an accidental instructional designer. Be disruptive, think outside the box, and cause a little friction to make them stop and think. @cammybean and the attendees of session 305.

1. Failure is an option–embrace it and learn from it! @donttrythis

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