#GuildChat for 10/16/15: What does Blended Learning mean in 2015?

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, October 16 at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is What does Blended Learning mean in 2015?

The definition of blended learning has changed greatly over time, mostly due to ever expanding technology and the changing nature of learning and work. Sometimes this definition has meant a single course with varying elements of text, audio, video and interactivity. Other times it has meant a program which provides a combination or blend of online, offline and instruction with opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and interaction. And still other times blended learning is seen as going beyond formal learning with the entire organization being viewed as an opportunity to learn, perform and reflect; a blend at a macro level.2015-01-09_11-14-16

As we move to close out 2015, we’ll explore what blended learning looks like today.  How has the definition changed and why?  Is the phrase Blended Learning a misnomer that should be replaced and if so, with what?

Join us as we turn to the broad community of experts and practitioners to discuss what blended learning means to day.

Prospective questions:

Q1. What does blended learning mean to you? #GuildChat
Q2. How has the idea of blended learning changed in the past 10 years? Why? #GuildChat
Q3. What formal blends work best? Which not so much? #GuildChat
Q4. Which learning technologies have most impacted blended learning strategy today? #GuildChat
Q5. As a Learning Professional what are your best practices/principles for designing blended learning solutions? #GuildChat
Q6. How have you personally “blended learning” to meet your own learning needs? #GuildChat
Q7. What do you think blended learning will look like in 2025? How can we ready ourselves as learning professionals? #GuildChat

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