Adobe Learning Summit 2015: LMS research presentation

Regardless of industry, learning management systems (LMSs) remain the central focus for corporate and academic learning, as well as the foundation upon which most types of traditional, informal, social, and mobile learning are built, deployed, and tracked.

Initial results from our recent LMS research study, conducted in collaboration with Adobe Systems, show that 67 percent of L&D organizations surveyed say their LMS leaves them unable to determine the impact of learning on their employees’ performance, and 52 percent say their LMS does not help keep learners fully engaged and motivated to actively participate in learning.

Many of these problems can be traced back to deficiencies in their LMSs’ ability to adequately track and report on learning activities. Other problems are related to uninspiring and inadequate LMS user interfaces, which leave learners confused, frustrated, and uninspired to learn. These problems and challenges have led numerous industry analysts to announce the death of the LMS.

Learn more about this important LMS research when we jointly present our preliminary findings in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Adobe Learning Summit 2015 on Monday, September 28, and also at DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo, September 30 – October 2. You can’t afford to miss this critical update for today’s learning leaders, business decision-makers, LMS administrators, and learners of all types.

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