New Blog Series: Exploring #AppleWatch for Learning and Performance

The Apple Watch is one of the most talked about pieces of technology in the world today, and it only just hit the market a few weeks ago. It’s a unique piece of technology that many anticipate being the device that takes wearable technology to new heights in the consumer market. The device has the potential to open up entirely new ways of interacting with the world via technology.

Apple Watch Side ViewWhile the device is technically for sale, it’s extremely difficult to get at this point. I spoke to someone yesterday that ordered the device this week and he isn’t scheduled to receive it until late July. I stayed up late the day that the Apple Watch went on sale so I could get my order in immediately. The device went on sale at 3am ET, and the time stamp on my order was 3:08am… and I still needed to wait three weeks for it to arrive. It finally did yesterday, and my exploring began.

While having access to Apple Watch – especially early access – definitely thrills the tech-geek part of my personality, what really excited me is the opportunity to collaboratively explore the implications and applications this device (and the inevitable evolution of similar devices that will follow) will have on how people learn, and how people are able to be supported in their daily work.

Over the coming weeks and months, I invite you to join me in exploring this new technology and how it may be used to enhance learning and performance. I underline the words “Join Me” because I invite you not in a passive “Read my posts” manner, but as an active “Let’s explore this tech together” invitation. The more people that get involved, the more value we can provide to our community as a whole.

A Few Assumptions

I start this experience with a few assumptions that I think are important to share with anyone looking to come along for the journey.

  • I don’t expect the tech to be perfect. While this isn’t a beta-testing of technology (like the Google Glass program in many ways was), it is the initial release of a new product. I expect the tech to be buggy at times, and to be updated and enhanced regularly based on user feedback. Think about how much Apple learned from the original iPad, and how that affected the 2nd generation of that device. I expect Apple Watch to be no different.
  • While looking at how the functionality of the device is important, what’s more important is to consider the possibilities presented by the technology. Apple Watch as hardware is simply a gateway; it’s the software and apps that are developed that will define and expand the possibilities of the device. It’s also important to realize that the software development kit (SDK) for Apple Watch is limited today as compared to what is expected in the near future (more on that in a future post).
  • While opinions will inevitably be shared, this series isn’t about reviewing Apple Watch. The value I hope this series provides is in the exploration of possibilities.

Expectations of this Blog Series

11050130_10204998072403921_9095768972934948034_nThroughout this blog series, we’ll be exploring different aspects of Apple Watch. Early on we’ll spend some time exploring the tech itself, and what the watch does. We’ll share what it’s like to wear a device like Apple Watch. We’ll experiment with different ways the watch might be used to enhance education, learning, and performance. And like any good journey, we’ll go where the wind takes us, discovering things that never could occur to us at this early stage.

How You Can Get Involved

I’d really like this to be a collaborative journey, and I invite you to join me. There are a number of ways to get involved; here are a few suggestions:

  • Ask questions and share your thoughts via comments on the blog posts
  • Connect with me via the device
  • Tweet me comments and questions to @LnDDave
  • Have an Apple Watch? Contribute your own entry to this blog series.
  • Suggest learning and performance-related tests for us to perform
  • If we have the opportunity to meet in person, check out the device and share your feedback

These are just a few suggestions. As we start exploring together, I’m sure I and others will have more ideas. Please feel free to connect with me at any point to make suggestions and share your ideas.

I’ve already got a few posts planned, including first impressions of the device and it’s functionality, sharing how Apple “trains” new watch owners, and sharing initial thoughts on how existing services like Twitter, texting, travel, and more make the transition to Apple Watch.

I look forward to exploring this exciting technology with you.

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