Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Performance Support Symposium This June

PSS15-500The 2015 Performance Support Symposium is only a few short months away. It’s the leading event in the industry exploring how to use technology to provide workers with the support they need in the work, without having workers

#10: Outstanding Pre-Conference Workshops

For many members of the Guild Community, the conference experience begins with attending one of the many Pre-Conference Certificate Programs taking place before the conference begins. Each Program takes a deep dive into a specific topic, providing participants with an opportunity to build skills and form relationships with other attendees. With 14 great pre-conference Certificate Programs available this year, including sessions by performance support experts like Bob Mosher, Conrad Gottfredson, Molly Petroff and Carol Stroud, you’re sure to find something of interest to jump start your Performance Support Symposium experience.

#9: The Performance Support Community

The Performance Support Symposium also serves as the annual meeting place for the Performance Support Community. This further supports the fact that the Symposium is THE event for those interested in performance support to attend to connect and learn from one another.

#8: mLearnCon

This year we have co-located the Performance Support Symposium with the mLearnCon Conference and Expo, which reflects the growing overlap between the performance support and mobile learning conversations. Attendees of the Performance Support Symposium have access to all of the sessions taking place at mLearnCon, greatly expanding the options and value of the conference.

#7: Austin!

This year the Performance Support Symposium moves to the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin Texas. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the country with a growing presence in the technology space. I encourage you to spend some time enjoying all Austin has to offer during your visit to the Symposium.

#6: Five Tracks to Address All Your Needs

This year’s Symposium is has five different tracks to address all of the key of organizational Performance Support: Getting Started, Strategy, Implementation, Integration, and Solutions. We’re also building a program that provides options to support all organizations, regardless of where they are in their performance support journey.

#5: Our Biggest Symposium Ever!

This year we’re expanding the Performance Support Symposium to three days, making this the biggest Symposium yet. And don’t forget that Performance Support Attendees have full access to the mLearnCon program; providing well over 200 unique learning opportunities

#4: Learn What’s Going on with Performance Support Technologies

The Performance Support Symposium also hosts a number of hospitality suites. These suites are an excellent opportunity to see today’s cutting edge performance support technologies in action, and to get a personalized exploration of how these tools can be used to support the efforts of your organization.

#3: Performance Support at mLearning DemoFest

At mLearning DemoFest, members of the Guild Community share their mlearning projects in a science fair-like environment. You’ll have the opportunity to talk with the designers and developers of each project, and learn why they made the decisions they did, what barriers they encountered, and how they overcame them.

At this year’s DemoFest we’re adding a special focus on performance support, including both mobile and non-mobile performance support solutions. DemoFest is consistently a highlight of an eLearning Guild Conference experience and something that we’re excited to be extending to the Performance Support Symposium this year.

For more details on how you can share your project as part of dmLearning DemoFest, click here.

#2: Ken Jennings Headlining a Great Keynote Lineup

The keynote lineup at the Performance Support Symposium highlighted by our opening keynote speaker, Ken Jennings, one of the all-time champions of the game show Jeopardy. Ken will be exploring how technology is changing how we look at information, and reducing the value of what is traditionally thought of as “knowing”.

We’ll also be featuring Allison Cerra exploring how technology is increasingly connecting individuals and what that might mean for learning, and we’re closing the conference with a panel discussion exploring how mobile technologies are changing the way we view learning and performance support, and what that means for the future..

#1: The Guild Community

When I ask people why they come back to the Symposium each year, I hear about the great sessions, the outstanding keynotes, and more. The one thing that consistently emerges as the top reason people attend the Sympsium is the community that is present at the event. The Performance Support Symposiumis a community-driven event, and the connections are made at this conference stay with people throughout the year. The co-location with mLearnCon naturally expands the conversation into a needed space. It’s the people that make the Symposium what it is – the best learning opportunity for those looking to take a deep dive into the world of performance support.

That’s my top ten list, but I could go on. Is there anything I missed that you would add to your Performance Support Symposium Top Ten List? If so, add it to the comments.

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