Get a Private Critique and Write Better Scripts with our Scriptwriting Course

I think most eLearning scriptwriters, whether writing for voice-over narration or dialog, write in the hopes that they will create something that is highly successful.

Success might be reflected in audio doesn’t sound like someone is reading a manual, paper, or report. Success might mean you are using an active voice to support a graphic vs. a passive voice. That said, it’s not natural (or easy) to write as if you’re having a conversation. Try it. It’s not easy to write using an active voice (at least for some people).

In our Scriptwriting and Audio Production for eLearning course, instructors Jennifer De Vries and Steve Haskin will give you a private critique of your work. Being open to a critique is tough. It can be unsettling to have someone pick apart your work especially when it’s subjective. The script is your baby, and turning it over requires some courage. A good critique of your eLearning script will provide constructive advice, examples, and explanations so you can write better scripts. Based on the feedback from our October pilot course I have to say Jennifer and Steve nailed it.

Below are several comment we received related to this course:
• “The editing of my sample script and suggestions for improvement were great.”
• “The instructors were very engaging during the session, and provided great qualitative feedback on each classroom assignment.”
• “I definitely will be applying these concepts and skills in upcoming audio productions.”
• “I can already implement the advice the instructors shared.”
• “Many thanks for taking the time to give me such valuable feedback!”
• “Wow! What an eye opener!! Thank you, Jennifer. Thank you, Steve! Your feedback really helped!”

If you’re courageous and open to feedback, you’ll be writing better scripts after completing this course. Note: Due to the individual feedback Jennifer and Steve provide, the class size will be limited to 15. Based on feedback from past participants, you’ll find the feedback portion alone will be worth the investment.

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