11/3 #GuildChat Preview: Reflections on #DevLearn

Join us for #GuildChat Monday November 3rd at 11am PT / 2pm ET. The chat topic for this week is Reflections on DevLearn.


Last week the 10th Annual DevLearn Conference and Expo took place in Las Vegas. It was an extremely well-received event with a great deal of learning. In this week’s GuildChat, we’ll reflect on what we learned at the conference (or via the conference backchannel).

Here are the questions currently scheduled to be posed during the chat. NOTE: We’ll be providing an extra tweet before each question to provide added context.

  • What were your key takeaways from #DevLearn, either as an attendee or someone that followed the backchannel?
  • During his keynote, @neiltyson spoke about the “relativity of wrong” and the problems with school exams. How can we better assess learning and competency with defaulting to multiple choice exams?
  • During his keynote, Beau Lotto spoke about the power of perception, and how it can shape learning. Where do you see gaps in which perception can be a barrier to learning? How can we address that?
  • During her keynote, @belindaparmar spoke about the environmental challenges women face in the tech industry. How can we ensure learning environments are welcoming and supportive of everyone involved?
  • The #DevLearn Expo Hall featured over 100 vendors showcasing cutting edge technology and services. What technologies have you excited about the future of learning and performance? Why?
  • The Spotlight on xAPI at #DevLearn showcased innovative uses of the Experience API in organizations. What types of data should we be collecting and analyzing? What kinds of stories should the data tell?
  • DemoFest showcased over 80 different elearning projects, with the ability to talk to the designers and developers. What are the benefits to sharing and narrating your work? What examples can you share of how you do this today?

Interested in learning more about the learning that took place at DevLearn? Check out the still expanding curated list of resources from the conference backchannel.

If you’re interested in taking a deep dive into the changing world of learning technology, consider joining us for the DevLearn Conference and Expo in 2015. Registration is already open, so act now to lock in the best possible rate.

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