What I Love About #DevLearn – Kasper Spiro

To help celebrate the 10th Annual DevLearn Conference and Expo, we’ve invited members of the Guild community to share what they love about DevLearn, and why they return to the conference year after year.

CaptureToday we welcome Kasper Spiro, CEO of easygenerator, as he shares his thoughts about the conference.

I do love DevLearn. I will be visiting it next month for the fourth year in a row. It is my favorite eLearning conference and I do attend quit a few, so I can compare them quite well.

All the eLearning Guild conferences have something extra. The fact that the Guild is an active community throughout the year makes these conferences into meeting places for people that will gather there to meet their peers.  This alone sets these conferences apart from the other conferences. You will notice this in the number of interesting interactions you will have and the quality of the presentations. And Guild conferences always have great keynotes.

DevLearn is the conference that will look into future developments more than the other conferences. You will see trends emerging at DevLearn and trends that are already there will become much clearer. For me as the CEO of an eLearning authoring tool, this is crucial. For me this is an important conference to check these trends and see where easygenerator is in that spectrum. Every DevLearn conference I attended so far did have a direct impact on our product road map.

If you are not able to attend you should follow DevLearn online. The best way is via twitter (#DevLearn) or through the backchannel of David Kelly. A lot of people will be writing blog post on sessions and the conference as a whole; links to these post will appear in the backchannel. I will write on each session I attend and I always write a conference recap.  Last year I did visit DevLearn, but I had to work our booth at the expo full time, so I haven’t written many blogs about DevLearn 2013, I did on DevLearn 2012. You can read my conference recap to get a better idea of that conference.

I did  have the privilege to present at DevLearn myself several times and I will do so this year. I will be presenting on Five trends Leading to the end of the LMS. I will talk about trends that I see in the eLearning industry that will change our world (or already are changing our world). I believe these trends will not only lead to the end of the LMS in a few years’ time but will also change the way we create and use eLearning in a dramatic way and they will impact the role of eLearning developers in general. I’m looking forward to it already.

Join us and the Guild community at DevLearn in the Bellagio in Las Vegas October 29-31.

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