TWIST Conversation: Phil Cowcill and Krista Hildner on Building Mobile Content Using jQuery Mobile

Welcome to TWIST Conversations, where we chat with members of the Guild Community exploring current trends in learning, performance, and technology.

CaptureIn this episode of TWIST Conversations I chat with Phil Cowcill and Krista Hildner of Canadore College. We talk about what’s unique about working in a jQuery environment, what makes the jQuery mobile framework so accessible, the types of things that the jQuery framework offers that rapid tools do not, and

NOTE: Due to a technical error, the video only captures Phil and Krista until the end, however, both sides of the conversation are heard.

Here are a few highlights from the conversation:

Using the jQuery Mobile framework, you have the flexability to do just about anything you want , but you also have a rapid development tool that you can use to develop without a lot of the technical background.

When you’re using a rapid development tool, as great as they are for what they do, you are still operating within a box.

To learn more about how to use the jQuery Mobile Framework for mobile learning, be sure to check out Krista and Phil’s pre-conference workshop at this year’s mLearnCon Conference and Expo.

If you have a speaker or topic that you would like to see featured in a future episode of TWIST Conversations, please let me know.

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