How You Can Contribute to TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog

When I speak to people about what they love about The eLearning Guild, one word consistently is mentioned: Community.

Community is at the heart of everything we do at The eLearning Guild. From the speakers at our conferences and online events, to the authors of our articles on Learning Solutions Magazine and Guild Research Reports, to the facilitators of our Guild Academy workshops, everything we do comes from the vibrant community of eLearning Guild members.

BlogThat sense of community extends to this blog. The name of this blog – TWIST – is an acronym for The Way I See Things. This blog provides a forum for individuals to share thoughts and ideas – their own personal twist, if you will – on industry related topics. We welcome members of the Guild community to participate in these conversations and discussions.

Here are a few ways you can contribute to TWIST – The eLearning Guild Blog.

Share Your Conference Tips

Conferences are outstanding opportunities for learning and professional development. If you’ve been to conferences in the past, consider contributing to the “What’s in Your Conference Bag?” blog series. In this blog series members of the eLearning Guild community explore the various ways people prepare for and get more out of a conference.

Let’s Hang Out

We’ve recently launched TWIST Conversations, in which we chat with members of the Guild community via Google Hangout. The discussions, which generally last only 8-12 minutes, are very informal and explore a relevant industry topic. In some cases the conversations may be linked to a session a Guild community members is giving at one of our events, or related to an article he or she wrote for our magazine, but that’s not necessarily required. Any relevant industry topic could be a good subject to explore in a TWIST Conversation.

What I Love About…

I’ve spent time in my career working for a number of different companies in different industries. One thing every workplace had in common was a limited amount of funds that were available to individual professional development. I recall early in my career deciding to attend a conference for the first time after attending a different conference 2 years in a row. It was one of the worst events I’ve been to, and yet it still used up my annual professional development budget.

I’m extremely passionate about professional development, and I don’t want to see anyone waste an opportunity to develop themselves. With that in mind, we invite you to participate in the new “What I Love About…” blog series. In this series, Guild Community members get to share why they enjoy one of our events or resources. These stories can help other members of the community get more out of attending one of our events or utilizing one of our resources, and it helps potential new members of the community better understand the value of an event or resource before investing their limited professional development resources.

Or… Anything Else

These are just a few ideas that we’re already putting into action on The eLearning Guild blog. Like all Guild resources, TWIST is a community-based blog. If you have an idea for TWIST that you think would be of value to the Guild and industry community, we want to hear about it.

If you’re interested in contributing to one of the content sections described in this post or have a new idea that we should consider featuring in TWIST, please contact David Kelly.

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