Design and Development of Virtual Classroom Training (for Newbies and Not-so-Newbies)

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I’ve attended quite a few virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions over the years. Unfortunately, many have offered little more than a lecture with Q&A at the end and a few basic polling questions thrown in – basically a webinar in the guise of VILT. In short, they were not designed effectively and as a result, participants really don’t gain any new skills. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and money.

To design and develop VILT that makes a difference in how people work, it’s necessary to follow a sound process that includes designing and mapping activities to content and scenarios and understanding the virtual classroom tools themselves – from chat, annotation, webcams, audio/video files, whiteboards, and breakout rooms to web browsing, file sharing, polling, chat and voice. Content and supporting materials must be developed taking into account the different types of training that is to be delivered – whether soft skills, coaching, mentoring, systems, or collaborative sessions.

We’re thrilled to be offering two design and development for VILT sessions to help you either get started (a basic course) or kick it up a notch (an advanced course). The course are led by veteran virtual classroom trainers Karen Hyder, Mel Chambers, and Tammy Olson. Find out more here.

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